A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer


Nature of meaning,

what is the meaning?

How can meaning be understood?

Is it possible for a meaning to exist?

The madman would scream in echoing madness proclamations of existence’s meaning,

for all things of meaning

He himself?

taking credit, the madman proclaims that within his mind is the sole resource of reality.

Banging his head against the wintery white plastic interior of his asylum,

veins pumped with thorazine, continually the babble of madness goes on

“For I have created this world, for I have created this world”


As many before him, the proclamation is the same

Attempting to befit humanity with neat organized plans of creation,

of mass annihilations and strange mutations

For within his mind he cannot grasp,

that this world is not alone

He cannot comprehend the infinity of the universe,

nor can he understand the random nature of reality

This world,

this world of sorrow and misery

Thousands more of worlds,

with their own bloodshed, diseases and paradoxical natures exist

Worlds which have been and will be,

worlds destroyed by their own


with their very own madmen proclaiming knowledge of the meaning of existence


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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

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