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Fascism and Conspiracy Theorists

John F. Kennedy, the idea that the World Trade Center was not decimated as a result of the planning and attack of al-Qaeda and a pseudo-scientific conspiratorial fear of fluoride in water. What do all these things have in common? They’re common trademarks and beliefs of the conspiracy theory community, a community where a tinfoil hat just isn’t so rare to see. The latest trending fear of conspiracy theorists is the fear of the loss of their very masculinity. Yes, the ‘elites’ now have stolen their masculinity and are doing it as part of some ‘global warfare against men’. Any sane rational human being can only help but laugh and think that these fringe beliefs are harmless. However, it marks a new trend; a very trend that is covered through and through with distrust and in fact, a very characteristic fear of strong women who can think for themselves and decide their own destiny.  More dangerous, in so far, is the fear of modernity and the loss of masculinity being a catalyst for fascistic views.

One only has to look towards Fascist Italy to see this historically. The Mussolini era was ripe with these conspiratorial anti-feminist, “renewed” masculinity, pro-natal and anti-intellectual fringes that became shockingly, a key stone of Italy’s fascist regime.  The fear of a loss of masculinity, the denial of women being equal to males and the unequivocal fear of intellectualism marks this.  The conspiracy culture is filled with all of these key marks, not missing a single beat. In a world in which fact is of little value what is held with faith is the fundamentalist like belief in the conspiracy. In particular, the conspiracy that men are being feminized and that there is a war being waged against men. This is the first marking of fascism, the distrust of women and parroting mythologies to undermine women as lesser than males. Believing in a self-proclaimed return to traditionalism, where women are to be the servants of the house, receive a lesser wage as males ‘do more dangerous work, work longer and do more work’ than their female counter parts.  One doesn’t need to look far to see the actual colors of the person spouting these beliefs despite the fact that they will parrot on about “freedom.” Especially when, the other key marking of a call for the renewal of masculine culture is called out for. In combination with the rabid anti-feminism and the call for extremity in the likes of masculinity serves only as a corner stone for the securing of “traditional” male dominance over their female counterparts; a society controlled by males, a society glorifying masculinity and if the testosterone levels reach a dangerous enough level, a society which resembles the militarism and quasi-fascism of ancient Sparta.

      Anti-intellectualism, the third dirty mark of these wolves in sheep’s clothing in order to disguise their true views.  Anti-intellectualism, is perhaps the most defining characteristic of the conspiracy community. Anti-intellectualism goes with the conspiracy community, just like the tinfoil hats do.  The unhinged religious like belief in a conspiracy theory even when clear factual scientific based research shows it to be incorrect… The response is and will always remain the same, to deny it and consider it a part of the conspiracy and often so the word “sheeple” used as an insult.  Combined together,  a deadly mix is formed. A distrust of women, hyper-masculinity and a constant resort to anti-intellectualism in order to affirm their fundamentalist conspiratorial beliefs.  The brewing pot for Mussolini esque fascism. Where centers for higher education can be classed by such individuals as being not leaning to their political fringes making them in their minds breeding grounds of “cultural marxism” and “feminism.” The ultimate attack on intellectualism, their coup de grâce to all that is logical. Is it any further surprise that the fear of masculinity and call for hyper masculinity in culture swiftly follows with the anti-feminist view points? The same color of brown through and through is displayed. The fear of dominant women who can be self-determined and decisive being equal to a man, of intellectuality and a calling out for male patriarchy… In the end, amounting to nothing more than the old Mussolini esque fascistic views. 



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