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Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer

“Hope” and “Dreams”

Buzz words of “hope” and “dreams” as of always will end up to be meaningless slogans that amount to nothing. If the world has seen anything from the so-called American dream, is that it was built and created by kleptocratic  rebels who were unelected, believed that only the rich white upper class should have the vote and that blacks or in the traditional American language ‘niggers’ were unequal people and to be used as slaves. Hope? What hope could one possibly have, even the most deluded have for American society? The government structure of American society is based on two principles, the first principle to fill the population with enough distraction in the form of alcohol, nicotine and pop culture that they don’t think too hard. They don’t want the American masses to think too hard, in particular the American masses of lower economic backgrounds because when and if they were to think just a little bit, they might come to the very realization that what they have had shoved down their throat by the two party system for the past decades is nothing more than simple con artistry.  These simple tactics work well enough for the ruling class in the United States to sit comfortably; with the youth so hopped up on reality television, focused more on smoking a joint or finishing off a beer than the United States engaging in a global pimping operation through NATO in order to expand it’s ever-so fading geo-political hegemony in light of it’s embarrassing defeat in Iraq when it was fogged off by the government of Iraq, which in not so clever calculation, the United States government had thought the Maliki clique would serve US interests as a puppet, only for the same clique to cozy up with the Iranian state and give the United States the notice to leave. The same now becomes the trend in Afghanistan when the ever-so-corrupt and narco-state led by the Karzai clique has given the same fogging off of the United States government denying them their defense agreement that would make Afghanistan little more so than a neo-colonial state to US imperialism, serving as a front base against the rising tides of the growth of influence of other powers that threaten it’s sole hegemony.

The second principle of the United States government in line with the global West is the soft-authoritarianism it engages in at home. Yes, pop culture and all your cravings given to you for your very own hedonistic desires! Dare to question, act against and see through the illusion, then like the students at Kent State, they’ll not bat an eye in gunning you down, beating you and marginalizing you in whatever way necessary. Welcome to the age of mass consumerism, consume or you will die. If you don’t consume, you are “unpatriotic”,  it’s the ever lasting value of the United States, it is the culture of the United States. From the budget of defense contracts for the United States military in the creation of new armaments,  it is a necessity for this nation at the height of it’s economic, political and military imperialism to send youth to die for their interests abroad. Talk about the trillions wasted in these conflicts? Look a little further and you’ll see that these clever sociopaths in the leadership benefit along the way;  when Lockheed Martin, Halliburton and any armament/defense contractor one can think of off their head is profiting and producing, the United States is successfully doing a historical and lasting cultural value. The cultural value of waving it’s stick in the air and dropping cluster ammunition over villages, it doesn’t matter who the target is, as long as there is a target. As long as there is a target, there will be no surpluses that go to waste and a constant speed of production will meet it’s use in order to expand the hegemony of the United States government. Think twice next time when someone tells you to have “hope” and “faith” in America and take a lesson.  You can change the face of the puppet in power, but no matter how many times you replace it’s mask, as of always it will act on script and perform the same dirty bastardly deeds as the last in the interests of US economic, military and political hegemony at a geopolitical scale. Have no illusions, so long as there remains these conditions, nothing will change. Change the material conditions and you can uproot the snake, but if you’re playing with the snake then you should know, it’s still the same snake and will always be the same snake.



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