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Everything Will Be Fine

You will always be told no matter what the situation is that everything will be fine.  They will assure you of this outcome. That everything somehow in the cosmic order of things to be will be ‘fine’. Truly, why would anyone ever tell you things wouldn’t be fine? Could a society that waltzes around in sheer ignorance of it’s own injustice proclaim anything other than this? “Things will be fine”, they will proclaim in an understanding tone even when all the cards have been stacked and dealt, they will continue to tell you everything will be fine. Does unpredictability not once occur in the thought processes of such people? From a random bullet in the air, to a collision via automobile or simply slipping and falling from the shower and smashing one’s head open while getting out. Eat, drink and work; everything will be fine. But is everything ‘fine’? Can everything be ‘fine’? Has everything ever been ‘fine’? Look around, not since the beginning of man has everything been fine; the first recovered human skeletons had spear heads in them.  The people on the trains to Auschwitz were told that through work they would be absolved, as if a religious ritual, they were assured everything would be ‘fine’, despite being one by one ruthlessly starved, beaten, tortured, executed, gassed and their bodies even cremated by their oppressor…  Reassurances from mothers to children and even sarcastically from their German captors to their captives came to the tone of everything will be fine. The cancer patient who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer with their insides slowly rotting away from the effects of massive tumors will like-wise be assured that everything will be fine, from family, friends, medical professionals and the like. Surely, they could never tell you that everything wouldn’t be fine. They could never admit to the reality that in such a world; everything cannot be fine. The view of neatly organized normal life dictates to such people that everything will be fine. With their gadgetry they jiggle around with their hands, fast automobiles and extravagant houses, they could never comprehend for a single second… That things will not be fine. That when driving home on their way from their menial job, they will be involved with a fatal car accident with a driver who is drunk at the wheel. Even if they are to survive the event of hundreds of pounds of collided metal compressed over them obscuring their very human aesthetics and bodily functions, no matter the amount of blood loss or fracturing of bones, the paramedics will assure them that everything will be fine. Everything will be fine! 


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