A Mind Infinite

Infinity: The Views of a Dreamer


Terrorist you mutter,
Daring to resist makes one a terrorist?
When entire countries are set aflame by the endless blaze of imperialism,
When mothers, daughters, fathers, brothers and sons are humiliated by occupation?
Were Yugoslav partisans terrorists when they resisted with their mind, bodies and soul great forces of evil?
No more than a product are those who struggle to achieve their dignity and self-determination,
a product of the conditions you created, one of chattel and humiliation shackled to the feet of a nation

Is the drone which hovers in the sky cowardly not an act of terror when from afar it slaughters on command,
For there is but one demand in the hearts of all of those who stand on their feet as free men to see out the destruction of imperialism,
A single one minded demand to slay the snake of exploitation where it stands
For that you may say terrorist, but I implore you to remember every reaction has an opposite equal reaction
Terror that is given, will always result in terror as an equal force received
Retribution does not only work a single way, it is a long street with many twists and turns
With every family and comrade slaughtered for their determination unified together,
ten more in their fallen ranks have but already answered the call

Can you not but see the paradox of your occupation?
Sea and land divide you from the place you aggress, as time grows people continue to resist
With each demonstration the people rise and the shackles are rattled
Repression is your futile defense, yet it only makes the hearts of the people burn harder
More and more you cry terrorist whilst you engorge the people of their livelihood

Blind society can you not see where the terror has grown from?
Economic sanctions which create chaos in the minds of working people and starve families,
Massacres and human rights abuses to dehumanize and terrify the local population into submission
Foreign soldiers patrolling streets waving weapons, fighter jets and tanks intimidating those nearby
Is this not terrorism?

The man daring to go great lengths to struggle for his freedom by any means necessary is but a reaction to the terror you brought,
yet you without shame class him a terrorist, a denial of his right to resist and legitimacy as a partisan
Freedom will never be a country deciding the fate of the weaker and exploited,
Nor will it be destabilization and campaigns of intimidation to impose a population into servitude
Freedom will always be complete independence without foreign influence to construct a better society for all
Freedom is when elections are not bought by the governments of certain countries, or when entire proxy armies are imported as a whole
Are you but too blind to see not everyone will sell their soul in exchange for luxuries you falsely promise to give?
This freedom means nothing at all, when the people can see through the swindle, claws offering perdition

The world’s resistance stands as a partisan for all,
The poor, the alienated, exploited who have slaved for the few
While you laid back on the powder-keg you set to flames
Remember always great men and women will always dare to object and resist,
when the terrorist is you



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